Rajasthan Textiles

Textile is one of the most particular and specific expressions of that nations culture and heritage. In villages of Rajasthan, textile traditions, learned via a costume tradition and spanning countless generations.
The glory of Rajasthan, apart from the bravery of its Rajput rulers, forts, and royalty, is also associated with the production of color fabrics in the Maru-Gurjar tradition since ancient times. Their sense of color-aesthetics has led to the use of colors and motifs intended for different occasions.
There are regional variations too, in western Rajasthan, Garasia women wear Garasion ki phag, a veil with a yellow ground and red border, and a large round in the centre. Mina women wear dhaniya chunari while Gujar women prefer rati chunri, and a Malan wears a ghaghara or skirt of asmani, dhani and chakari farad or yardage.

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