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Rajasthan is best known for its marvellous and beautiful jewellery. The jewellery is being crafted by the craftsmen in the champleve and raised freestyle which looks very attractive and charming. Rajsthan is one of the world’s largest centre for hand cutting of gems and precious and semi precious stones namely Ruby, Emerald, Garnets, Agate, Amethyst, Topaz, Lapis lazuli, Carnelian, etc.
Rural or tribal women wear tribal jewellery made up of animal bones, ivory, brass, silver, beads, and colorful threads. Tribal jewellery is considered as a handicraft heritage of Rajasthan.
Rajasthani women love to adorn themselves with lots of jewellery beginning from anklets to earrings to head gears. Rakhri, tika, shishphool are the ornaments for head in Rajasthan.
Other ornaments such as jhale, nath, hathphool, kardhani, bajuband, pajeb, bichuae all add on to the beauty of rajasthani women.
Not only women but men of Rajasthan also wear jewellery silver amulets, gajjalu (a kind of ankle belts), baleora, jhela (earring), rings, kalangis etc.
Kundan: Kundan is the local word for gold which forms the interface between the lac and the gemstones.
Meenakari: in this jewellery type precious and semi precious gems are embellished into gold or silver jewellery.
Thewa: Thewa work is the famous art of creating golden patterns on glass .Chittorgarh is famed for such Thewa jewellery.
Jewellery of precious and semi precious stones and gems: The precious and semiprecious stones used in Rajasthani ornaments. Johari Bazar of Jaipur show cases the exclusive creations in semiprecious and precious stones.
One can find various markets and centers of jewellery in Rajasthan. Jaipur is the centre for gold kundan work and also renowned for diamond and emrald cutting. 
Johari Bazar (jewellers market) offers the most varied collection of the region.
Nathdwara, the market is the best place to buy silver kundan and meenakari work.
Udaipur and Bikaner :  A spillover of the kundan work can be purchased at Udaipur and exquisite pieces of gold and silver jewellery incorporated on lac for youngsters can be purchased at the Sunaron-ki-Suwad market in Bikaner.

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