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We offer comprehensive Bangkok Tour Programs tours as well as tours to the surrounding districts. These include :  Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Flaothing market as well as many others – just drop us an EMAIL for further details. We also provide hotel bookings as well as advice on the best places to stay if on your honeymoon. In addition to these excursions we also provide a comprehensive package of cultural tours. These include trips to many of Bangkok’s beautiful temples and it’s historical monuments including the Royal Palaces and Temples such as Emerald Buddha temple, Reclining buddha temple, and Golden buddha temple. But if your feeling cultured out then why not relax and let us show you Bangkok’s famous nightlife, clubs and exotic shows. We’ll also introduce you to some of the city’s most famous shopping areas such as the Floating market and Jatujak weekend market as well as the city’s impressive shopping malls. For choice and value choose us for all your travel needs in Bangkok.
Exotic Bangkok is a city larger than life – it’s history, it’s culture, it’s people, it’s sheer dynamism is all quite intoxicating and has attracted millions of visitors over the years.
For many single travelers and backpackers, traveling for the first time, Bangkok has become their first destination - a gateway to the East. The reason, Bangkok is perhaps one of the most westernized cities in the East. As such it’s a great introduction for those just starting out on their travels.  For many that journey will start on the famous Khosarn Road, a favourite with young travelers for many, many years.
The city is an exotic blend – where the traditional East meets with the modern West. Don’t be surprised if one minute you find yourself amongst ramshackle buildings and the next in exotic temples surrounded by beautiful pristine gardens – all of which are overlooked by modern skyscrapers.
Like any major city Bangkok has emerged with the traffic to match. But its metropolitan culture isn’t limited to traffic jams and frustrated motorists. It’s citizens have embraced all the trappings of modern living – mobile phones, personal computers, designer clothes and of course fast food. But its not just McDonalds and KFC. Here in Bangkok it’s a fusion of the two with western fast food outlets situated next to traditional Thai stalls selling everything from banana pancakes to chicken satay.
Through all of this stretches the city’s now famous Skytrain and subway. No modern city the size of Bangkok would be complete without such city rail transit systems.  But whilst cities like London have opted only for an underground system, Bangkok has gone for one that swoops above the busy streets of it’s city. A must for any tourist wishing to take in the sights of this great city.
But if heights are not your thing, why not jump onto one of the city’s many public transport boats that criss-cross Chao Pharva River. Once the lifeblood of the city for trade and transport, it still serves as the main mode of transport for thousands of Thais as they travel to school, trade and go about their business. With old junks, long tailed boats, river taxis and all manner of floating vessels, it’s a wonder the chaos isn’t greater! 

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